Gays and lesbians come out of the closet.

But introverts like myself… reveal our true natures by going into the closet.

self-talk-tease-today-160229In the closet we can hide from the world, and keep company with the best company there is:  ourselves!

I looked the word ‘introvert” up in a Thesaurus and found that many synonyms for “introvert” are NEGATIVE:  Like


Hm. But I’m not any of these… am I?   The thesaurus must be wrong — it has to be.  Because I just don’t want to be a narcissist, egotist or — worst of all —  a WALLFLOWER!

It took me about 50 years of living to really discover (admit?) that I’m an introvert. Up until that point, I considered myself just naive, socially awkward, shy (that may still be true..) or perhaps just unfriendly.

I don’t talk to checkout people at the grocery store.  I really have to suck it up to call someone I don’t know, and sound calm and natural.  Just a few examples of daily life that you too may experience.

If you too exhibit these symptoms, one book you really must read is QUIET REVOLUTION, by Susan Cain.

In the meantime, share your experiences as I share mine on this blog, so Introverts can unite and prove that we are not just wallflowers.



  1. Introvert by my definition is any one of us who occasionally needs to retreat from being bombarded by too much stimuli…..taking time to process/digest/assimilate and regroup before going back out into what increasingly seems like a way to achieve economic advantage…..until a way is found to publish writings, create artwork, or nurture life in quieter places, apart from alot of drama. 😉 I get it more than before.


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