Those Voices Inside My Head

Those Voices Inside My Head

Do you find yourself talking to yourself – inside your head – with a constant chatter that is almost impossible to stop?

Brain scientists tell us that our right cortex is for intuition, emotions, visual cues… and that our left cortex is our language center.  This is where we form thoughts, our sense of identity, and our ego.  This is also the place that sends out that ever-constant “voice in my head”.

We all have that voice inside – it tells us what we SHOULD HAVE done, what our task list is, who we need to call or email, how to deal with that unpleasant person.  It talks and talks and talks.  And no matter how much you try, it won’t shut up!

Both extroverts and introverts have this annoying voice inside their heads — the difference is I think us introverts actually LISTEN to it and BELIEVE it — at least part of the time. After all, we are our best friend.  And we spend so much time with ourselves.

What I have noticed is that my brain — unless I am TOTALLY focused on one project — is pretty much out of control.  It runs around from idea to idea, sometimes seemingly random, other times strings of things that relate to each other… but it ends up somewhere totally different from where it started.

Here’s a good exercise.  Try for one hour to write down every thought that is running around in your head. I think it’s impossible.  But give it a shot.

I tried but realized I was so much into listening to the voice that I couldn’t take the time to write it all down.  It would remind me to go do something, or to call someone — which I would then do, leaving my “Brain notes” behind.  I think I am starting to understand the true purpose of meditation — to get control over that wild brain.


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