We Are All Actresses/Actors

We Are All Actresses/Actors

If you are to be a human being in this world — excluding those monks and mystics who go live in a cave alone for their whole lives — then you have learned to act.

Acting is part of the normal social fabric.  So is lying, actually.

“Hey, how ya doin’?”

“Great, just GREAT.”

How many times have you been through that short conversation?  Not REALLY doing great, but not willing to get into your problems with someone you don’t really know well… or maybe not wanting to be a “downer” in casual conversation.

So we act, and we lie.  It is so much easier, keeps relationships simple, and gets us through life without too many heart-to-heart talks with the world.

I’m not being critical of this, because I do it all the time, and without any guilt.  It’s almost necessary.  For an introvert, it is REALLY necessary.  We just don’t wear our hearts on our sleeves.  Our hearts are wrapped up inside and we are analyzing them ALL THE TIME!

I have lots of stories of acting my way through situations over and above the simple “Hi how are ya?” interaction.  Over time, I may share a lot of them.

But just so we are clear — we all do it, don’t we?  It’s our ability to act that keeps a smooth society going, and makes sure that when we REALLY need to dump the truth out, it stands out and is listened to.

Now — “HOW ARE YA?”


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