About Me

About Me

Hello!  Let me introduce myself.

I’m a sixty-something woman who lives in Kentucky on a small 10-acre farm with my husband, three horses (American Morgans), four chickens, two dogs and two cats.  Our kids are grown and moved away.

I spent my life in a variety of careers in the high-tech world (in sales!!), and then in the nonprofit world (Executive Director).  I retired in 2013, but even now, I am the volunteer Executive Director at a new nonprofit (Appalachian Horse Center), writing grants and trying to start this new venture involving horses that free-roam in the Kentucky Appalachian Mountains.  I also serve on the Executive Board of the Back Country Horsemen of America and am the “tech support person” and former chairperson for Kentucky Back Country Horsemen.

I like to keep busy, and with the farm, the animals, and my volunteer work – the days speed by.  In between the work, I ride my horses on trails with good friends, and occasionally compete in endurance rides. (I ride the 25-mile length as a novice, and am working on moving up to the 50-mile rides. It’s all a matter of conditioning:  your body, your horse’s body, your brain, your horse’s brain.)

But I have always enjoyed writing.  That may be yet another symptom of an introvert — it’s a way to communicate without actually being with people!

I do like people though, and have a handful of really close friends — just to point out that I’m not a total anti-social being.

I’ve started this blog to find like-minded souls who have felt the strain of being introverted in a world that highly values extroverts.  I hope that the resulting conversations help and support us all.